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EuroMillions Lottery and Millionaire Maker FAQ

There are plenty of EuroMillions lottery questions being asked and here we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Check the list below for our list of questions and answers. If you don’t see your question here, you can contact our support team to have someone find the answer straight away.

How Can I Play The EuroMillions Lottery Online?

You can play the game from anywhere by using an online ticketing service. The way it works is a representative of your ticketing agency will have an agent in the location purchase tickets on your behalf. Once purchased, you’ll receive a scanned copy of the original ticket. There are many online companies that offer this service, for example The Lotter. Select your own numbers or have them randomly generated. After that, all that’s left is to wait for the upcoming draw.

Can I Play The EuroMillions Lottery From Outside the EU?

Yes. You can play the EuroMillions and many other lotteries from around the world online by utilizing an online ticketing service like The Lotter.

How Do I Claim My Prize If I Win?

First, you’ll receive a notification from your online ticketing agency via SMS or email informing you that your numbers have won a prize. Sums of £2,500 or less can be transferred into your secure account electronically. Larger prizes must be claimed in person with a completed claim form and the original ticket.

How Long Do I Have to Claim My Winnings?

Your deadline to claim a cash prize may vary by location, retailer, or online ticketing agent. Check with the regional lottery commission where your tickets were purchased, or with your online ticketing agency for exact time-frames.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Winnings?

Tickets with a prize valued at €2,500 or can be transferred to a player’s bank account instantly in the result of a win. Tickets bought at retail locations can see prizes redeemed up to the same amount. Larger prizes require more time as paperwork and travel may be required to claim substantial winnings in person.

Is the Lottery A Cash Payout Or Annuity Payment Structure?

EuroMillions cash prizes are awarded as a lump sum and are tax-free in all participating countries except for Sweden.


December 2022

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