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EuroMillions Lottery FAQ

We strive to address all questions and concerns from our readers in regard to the EuroMillions Lottery.Below you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions as well as their answers. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, simply contact support and we’ll find your answer just as fast as we can.

How Can I Play The EU EuroMillions Lottery Online?

You can play the EuroMillions lottery online just the same as you would when buying tickets from a retail location. Buy tickets with your chosen numbers or those randomly generated by the ticketing machine prior to the Tuesday or Friday draw time. Players who purchase tickets online will receive a scanned copy from their ticketing service. All that’s left is to watch the draw. Tickets purchased via online ticketing service can have prizes up to €2,500 instantly deposited into their own secure accounts.

Can I Play EU EuroMillions From Outside the EU?

Ticket purchasing services from all over the world are available on the internet. At OCA News we’ve conducted research on the biggest and most trusted ticketing agencies. The companies will buy your tickets from inside the EU on your behalf. After you’ve made a purchase with one of these trusted companies, you’ll receive a scanned copy of your original lotto ticket.

How Do I Claim My Prize If I Win?

If you’ve made your purchase through an online ticketing service you’ll receive an automated notification of your win via email or SMS after the draw numbers have been published. Prizes of up to €2,500 can be credited to your account directly or if you purchased tickets in person, can be received from a retail location. In the case of a more substantial win amount, players will be required to fetch the sum in person within the EU.

How Long Do I Have to Claim My Winnings?

That depends entirely upon where the ticket was purchased. For instance, if bought in Austria you’ll have 3 years to redeem your prize, if bought in France the deadline is 60 days. Be sure to ask your retailer or ticketing service what the deadline will be for your tickets at the time of purchase.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Winnings?

If purchased online, winning tickets of €2,500 or less can be automatically transferred to a player’s bank account. If purchased from a retailer, the prize can be picked up from any participating retail location. However, for prizes of a higher value it could require players to travel to a lottery’s headquarters to claim the prize. The filing of paperwork could also be required. Generally two weeks should be enough time to have these items taken care of before a prize is transferred.

Is the Lottery A Cash Payout Or Annuity Payment Structure?

The advertised Jackpot for the EuroMillions is the actual jackpot amount won by a player who matches the required numbers. There is no annuity payment structure it is all awarded as-is, and tax free.


December 2022

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