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How to Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot lotto is one of the most popular lottery games in the EU with jackpots that regularly reach into the tens of millions. We walk you through every step from picking numbers to buying tickets and collecting your winnings with this useful resource.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The EuroJackpot lottery doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone, you can play solo or with other friends and colleagues as a syndicate.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, a syndicate is a group of players or organization that has pooled resources to regularly buy a large volume of tickets. Typically the syndicate will split any winnings between those participating. We’ll discuss this option later on in the guide.

Pick your position and play for yourself or as part of a group. Once you’ve chosen your game, you’ll be able to move on to picking numbers.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The EuroJackpot is a 7-ball lottery chosen a field of numbers between 1 and 50. Five regular numbers are chosen first with two additional numbers chosen from 1-10.

You can choose your own “lucky” numbers or use the RNG software provided at retail and online ticketing locations for a completely random ticket. The order of numbers is not important, only that you produce matches with pulled during the draw.

If you’re ready to lock in your numbers you can move on to buying lotto tickets.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

EuroJackpot tickets are available for purchase using multiple methods. Ticket prices begin at around €5.00 when purchased online. They are less expensive when purchased in-person.

Players may buy tickets by line in several variations, including 3-line, 4-line, 5-line, 6-line, 8-line, 10-line, and syndicate tickets.

Tickets can be bought until the cut-off deadline prior to Friday’s draw at 21:00CET. Different locations or ticketing providers may have alternate cut off times.

Step 4: The Draw

The EuroJackpot Lottery is drawn once a week, with numbers being drawn every Friday evening at 21:00pm CET. Five normal numbers will be drawn from a field of 1-50, while the two additional numbers are from a field of1-10.

Draws are broadcast live every Friday night in Finland at 19:00 GMT. You stand the chance of winning one of 12 prize divisions and an official jackpot of at least €10 million.

Step 5: What to do When You’ve Won

There are twelve total prizes in the EuroJackpot lottery game. Your odds of winning any level of prize begin at 1:35. Simply match your ticket’s numbers to those drawn on Friday for the opportunity to win more than €10 million.

If you do find yourself the lucky recipient of such a prize, you’ll have a couple of options when it comes time to claim your winnings. This will also depend on how you purchased your tickets. If purchased from a land-based retailer, you’ll be able to claim your prize in cash so long as it does not exceed a certain amount. Retailers don’t typically keep large sums of cash on hand to pay winners. Otherwise you’ll need to contact the lotto headquarters where your ticket was purchased. Tickets purchased online will have winnings transferred to a player’s designated account after the draw results have been announced. If your prize is substantial you may need to travel and claim it in person. Check with the rules set by the governing lotto association from where your ticket was purchased or with your online ticketing agent.

You’ll have a grace period for claiming your winning, which also depends on the location from where your ticket was purchased. Check with the lottery headquarters in the purchase location or you’re your ticketing agent to find out what your deadline is. If you do not claim your winnings by then they could be forfeited to the lottery and returned to the cash prize jackpot. The breakdown and odds can be seen in the table below:

Match % Prize Fund Odds of Winning Lowest Ever Prize Amount Highest Ever Prize Amount Average Prize Amount Per Draw Lowest Ever Winners Highest Ever Winners
5 + 2 36% 1 in 95,344,200 €10,000,000 €61,170,753* €19,034,738 0 1
5 + 1 8.5% 1 in 5,959,013 €67,214 €27,545,858 €576,176 1 9
5 + 0 3% 1 in 3,405,150 €12,209 €331,821 €84,719 1 8
4 + 2 1% 1 in 423,752 €875.70 €12,167 €3,714 9 175
4 + 1 0.9% 1 in 26,485 €83.50 €406.30 €226.49 141 1,711
4 + 0 0.7% 1 in 15,134 €38.90 €202.10 €113.29 179 2,062
3 + 2 0.6% 1 in 9,631 €21.70 €85.60 €53.39 683 6,107
2 + 2 3.10% 1 in 672 €10.50 €30.50 €15.61 9,364 75,984
3 + 1 3% 1 in 602 €12.50 €29.10 €20.52 8,492 64,047
3 4.3% 1 in 344 €9.10 €19.30 €14.15 10,478 77,290
1 + 2 7.8% 1 in 128 €6.80 €14.10 €9.70 51,805 365,935
2 + 1 19.1% 1 in 42 €6.20 €9.50 €7.88 139,493 797,379

About the EuroJackpot Lottery

The EuroJackpotLottery is among the most popular numbers games in the world and offers a seed amount of €10 million with the potential to provide jackpots in the hundreds of millions.  Revenue from all participating EuroJackpot lotteries around the EU are pooled to create the prize offerings. This is how such significant sums are able to be reached in one lotto game.

Purchase your EuroJackpot ticket online prior to the next draw and you could be in the running for the next EuroJackpot prize.


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