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How to Play LOTTO MAX

The LOTTO MAX lottery game is among the most popular in Canada’s Ontario province. Here, we’ll outline every step you need to take to get started and learn how to play this popular numbers game.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The LOTTO MAX lottery can be played alone or with a group of other players located throughout the world.  These groups are called a syndicate, which is a group of players who have agreed to pool resources for better chances to win. If they do happen to win, prizes are typically split according to contribution.

So you know you want to play as an individual or part of a syndicate, now it’s time to pick your winning numbers.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The LOTTO MAX is a 7-ball lottery chosen a field of numbers between 1 and 49. Seven regular numbers are chosen first with one additional number chosen from 1the same field to determine additional prizes.

Choose your own lotto ticket numbers or allow the random number generator to select for you at random. Once you’ve decided how to choose the numbers you can move on to how to purchase lotto tickets online and in-person.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

LOTTO MAX tickets are available for purchase using multiple methods. Ticket prices begin at around €5.00 when purchased online and include three lines of play. Tickets purchased in-person from a retailer are cheaper and can be played on individual lines, but lack the convenience of purchasing online.

Players may buy tickets by line in several variations, including as well as in systematic and syndicate denominations.

Tickets are allowed to be purchased up until the deadline prior to Friday’s draw at 21:00CST. The location or ticketing agent may have different cut off times, so It’s important to check with them in advance..

Step 4: The Draw

The LOTTO MAX Lottery is drawn once a week every Friday evening at 21:00pm CST. Seven normal numbers will be drawn drum of balls numbered 1-49, while the one additional number is from the same field to determine additional prizes.

Draws are broadcast live every Friday night in Ontario at 21:00 CST. There are a total of seven prize divisions with odds of winning any level of prize at 1:6.6.

Step 5: What to do When You’ve Won

If you’ve been fortunate enough to win one of the eight prize divisions you’ll then have to collect on your cash prize. The odds of winning any prize in the LOTTO MAX begin at 1:6.6. Matching your ticket’s numbers to those being drawn will secure you a prize and the more you match the more you’ll receive.

You’ll have a couple of options when it comes to claiming your prize if you’ve won. This may also depend on how tickets were purchased.

Ticket holders who made purchases from land-based retailers can receive prizes of $1,000 or less in cash. This is because most retailers don’t keep large amounts of cash on hand to pay winners.

For larger sums, players will need to complete a claim form to receive their prizes by mail or in-person.

If tickets were purchased from an online ticketing service, then a larger sum can be received immediately after a draw is concluded. Services like The Lotter will award up to $2,500 by wire transfer immediately. Larger prizes will also require a claim form to be filled out and returned either by mail or in-person.

Here is a deadline on all prize claims.  This is printed right on your tickets, so be sure to claim your prize before that deadline is reached, otherwise you could forfeit all your winnings.

LOTTO MAX winners can claim their prize as one, tax-free lump sum.

The LOTTO MAX Lottery

The LOTTO MAX lottery is one of Ontario’s most popular numbers games, featuring a jackpot that can reach upwards of $50 million.  Revenue from all over the province is pooled form players to create these massive jackpots that any participant has a chance to win.

Buy tickets online before next Friday’s draw and you’ll be in for a potentially life-changing win.


January 2023

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