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When you’ve got a question about Canada’s LOTTO MAX game, we are your best source for information. You can find a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers below. Support will further assist you if you cannot find the answer to your question here.

How Can I Play The LOTTO MAX Online?

Playing the LOTTO MAX online is easy. Simply visit an online ticketing agent’s website, like The Lotter, and register a free account. You can then utilize their service to buy tickets online using fast and safe transactions. You can pick numbers yourself or use RNG software to generate them randomly.  You’ll receive a copy of your original LOTTO MAX tickets and when the draw happens, you’ll be sent an email or SMS if you’ve won a prize. You can watch the draw for your numbers in Canada or online, or if you miss the draw, view past results right here at OCA News.

Can I Play LOTTO MAX From Outside Canada?

Using an online ticketing service such as The Lotter will enable you to buy tickets to this lottery from anywhere in the world. Representatives of the service will purchase tickets on your behalf from retail locations which sell the tickets and send you a scanned copy of the official ticket after purchasing is complete. Buy tickets from recommended services like The Lotter for an easy and safe way to play games like LOTTO MAX in any location.

How Do I Claim My Prize If I Win?

A notice via email or SMS will be sent by the ticketing service in the event that your numbers win a prize. Prizes of $2,500 and below can be transferred to players’ accounts instantly, while larger sums must be claimed in-person and could require a claim formed to be filled out. Travel may be required for jackpot prizes to be claimed in-person. Retail locations can typically pay winners up to $1,000 in cash, with larger prizes requiring a claim form to be completed by winners.

How Long Do I have to Claim My Winnings?

Your ticket will have the claim deadline printed directly on it. Check your ticket for the specific claim deadline.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Winnings?

Prizes of $2,500 or less can be transferred to a bank account instantly. Larger sums may require a claim form to be filled out. Substantial prizes and jackpots require an appointment to be made with the governing lotto headquarters in the region of purchase.

Are prizes awarded as cash or in structured payments?

Payments for all jackpot winners are in the form of one lump sum.


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