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Buy LOTTO MAX Tickets

We’ve created this easy LOTTO MAX tutorial to allow our players to buy lotto tickets online with easy and peace of mind. You’ll have your numbers in the drawing in no time thanks to this convenient resource. You can buy lottery tickets online or in person with ease. Both methods offer a great deal of benefits, but the most convenient way to play is to buy your tickets online using one of our recommended services.

Purchasing LOTTO MAX Tickets Online

Your tickets can be purchased online quickly and safely using any number of trusted online ticket sellers. In particular we recommend The Lotter for their comprehensive coverage of nearly 50 worldwide lotteries and their level of service and professionalism. However, tickets bought online are considerably more expensive than those bought in-person. The price is still considered affordable and worthwhile due to its exceedingly high level of convenience.

You are able to buy LOTTO MAX tickets online as multi-line tickets, systematic and syndicate categories. After designating which way you’d like to play, you are able to choose your own numbers or have them randomly assigned.

The Lotter in particular offers these services safely and quickly. The first step involves visiting the service’s website at Once there, complete the registration process, which takes only a few minutes. Then navigate to the LOTTO MAX category in their ‘Play Online’ section. There you are able to purchase tickets and select your numbers easily. If you subscribe to The Lotter’s services you are entitled to additional benefits, like receiving discounts up to 25% for multi-draw purchases.

Purchasing LOTTO MAX Tickets from Retailers

LOTTYO MAX tickets can be bought in many corner stores and markets throughout Ontario, Canada.  Prices for tickets purchased in these locations are cheaper than those bought online, but require travel and can be less than convenient depending on several factors such as weather, transportation and the like.

You can buy tickets from retailers easily, on your own or with the assistance of a clerk. You can choose your numbers yourself or at random using special software provided by the lottery commission. After that, all that is left to do is pay for your tickets and wait for the next draw to take place.

Now that you’re equipped to buy tickets online or in-person, you can select the method that appeals to you and prepare for the next LOTTO MAX draw.


January 2023

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