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How to Play Lotto 649

The Lotto 649 lottery game is among the most popular in Ontario and offers substantial jackpots to players looking to make it rich. Here we walk you through every step of getting started and teach you how to play this popular lottery game.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The Lotto 649 lottery is a great game to play on your own or with others from around the world. This game can be played on an individual level or with a syndicate. If a syndicate is not a familiar concept, it can be explained as a group of players who cooperatively pool resources for more chances to win. A syndicate will typically split a win among all the participating players.

Play as an individual entry or join forces with others for more chances to win. Once you’ve decided how to proceed, you can move on to picking numbers.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The Lotto 649 is played as a 7-ball lottery consisting of six regular numbers and one bonus number. The regular numbers are chosen from a field of numbers between 1 and 49. The bonus number is chosen from the same drum to award additional prizes.

Whether you wish to choose your own numbers or have them randomly selected, players are able to do wither when purchasing tickets. Keep in mind that the order of the numbers is of no importance, only that they match those revealed at the time of the draw.

Once your numbers are confirmed you can move on to buying tickets.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

Lotto 649 tickets can be bought in several different ways. Ticket prices begin at around $3.00 when purchased online and include three lines of play. Tickets bought in-person are bought for a reduced price, about $1, but lack the convenience of tickets purchased online. Tickets can be bought in several denominations as well as a syndicate or systematic entry.

You can buy tickets online or in-person up until the cut-off deadline prior to Wednesday’s and Saturday’s draw at 21:30 CST.

Step 4: The Draw

The LOTTO MAX Lottery is drawn twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 21:30pm CST. Seven normal numbers are drawn from a field of 1-49 and one bonus number is drawn from a field of the same numbers to determine special prizes.

The draw is broadcast live every Friday night in Ontario at 21:00 EST. You stand the chance of winning one of 12 prize divisions and an official jackpot of at least €10 million.

Step 5: What to do When You’ve Won

There are seven total prizes in the Lotto 649 lottery game. Your odds of winning any level of prize begin at 1:6.6. Simply match your ticket’s numbers to those drawn on Friday for the opportunity to win as much as €50 million.

If you do win a prize, there will be a few available options to choose from when it comes time to claim your money. This can also depend on how tickets were purchased.

Tickets bought at a land-based retail location can pay players up to the amount of $1,000 in cash. Larger amounts require a claim form to be completed and submitted to the lottery’s governing body.

Tickets bought online can receive a larger cash amount in the event of a win. This amount for most online ticketing services is set to about $2,500. Larger prizes may require a claim for to be filled out and submitted to the lottery’s governing body or even travel to make a claim in-person.

The claim deadline is printed on each individual ticket and should be paid close attention to. If this deadline is reached and no claim has been made, all prizes are seen as forfeit.

The breakdown and odds can be seen in the table below:

Lotto 649 jackpot winners can claim their prize as one, tax-free lump sum.

The Lotto 649 Lottery

The Lotto 649 is one of Ontario’s top lottery games, which features jackpot prizes in the millions.  Revenue from all participating Lotto 649 retailers and online ticketing agents is pooled to create this game’s enormous prizes.

Buy Lotto 649 tickets online before the next draw takes place for a chance to win the jackpot.


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