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Lotto 649 FAQ

We know you’ve got questions about the Lotto 649 and we’re happy to provide the answers you’re looking for. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Support will help answer any question you have that can’t be found in the listings below.

How Can I Play The Lotto 649 Online?

You can play the Lotto 649 online exactly the same way as you would if playing from a retail location. Your numbers will need to be picked the same way as well, and you must select these numbers, either by choice or by random generation software.  You can purchase tickets online from a ticketing concierge like The Lotter. You’ll get a scanned copy of your purchased tickets and when the draw happens, you’ll be alerted by email or SMS if you’ve won. Watch the draw live or view the past results right here at OCA News.

Can I Play Lotto 649 From Outside Canada?

Using an online ticketing service such as The Lotter will enable you to play the Lotto 649 from outside of Canada. The ticketing service will purchase your tickets from land-based retail locations on your behalf so you may play from anywhere. Purchase from our recommended ticketing agencies to get copies of your official lottery tickets before the next draw.

How Do I Claim My Prize If I Win?

If you happen to win a Lotto 649 prize, you’ll receive a notice via email or SMS to alert you of the news. Modest prizes can be claimed immediately, while larger prizes must have a claim filed and potentially be claimed in-person. Be aware your prize could potentially be subject to Canadian tax law as well as tax laws of the province in which the ticket was purchased.

How Long Do I have to Claim My Winnings?

Guaranteed prize draw prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date. Otherwise, prizes are then recycled into future drawings.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Winnings?

This depends on your method of redeeming your winnings, whether through electronic transaction, mail, or in-person. Prizes of $1,000 can be claimed instantly at most locations or online. Larger prizes can either be redeemed by mail or in-person. Claim forms must be completed before official prizes in excess of $1,000 can be given.

What Is The Difference Between A Cash Payout And Annuity Payment Structure?

Prize winners who claim their winnings in a lump sum are given their money tax-free. However, annuity structured payments may come with tax implications in this particular game.


January 2023

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