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How to Play Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto is known throughout Australia for being one of the highest paying lotteries around. We’ve set up this convenient how to play guide so you can get into the game just as soon as you please and have a crack at that multi-million dollar jackpot.

Step 1: Solo or Multiplayer

The Oz Lotto can be enjoyed as a solo player or with a group of other players. You’ve got the option to do either or both.  The group option is called playing as a syndicate and it’s an option that allows a group of players or organization to combine resources when playing the Oz Lotto. It’s common for syndicate players to split winnings among each other in the event of a win.

Whether you choose to play alone or with a group you’ll have a great time. Make your choice and then you’re ready to pick your numbers.

Step 2: Picking Your Numbers

The Oz Lotto is a 7-ball lottery where seven regular numbers are chosen from a field of numbers that range between 1 and 45.

You have the option to select from several different ways to play, including choosing your own numbers one by one, choosing for the RNG software to pick your numbers at random, Easi-Picks, Favourites, System entries and Maxi-Picks.

Once you’ve decided on which numbers you want to play with, you’re ready to move on to purchasing your tickets.

Step 3: Purchasing Tickets

Tickets for the Oz lotto can be purchased both in-person or online. Ticket prices are about AUD$ 2.50 when purchased online and will be less expensive, around AUD$ 1.20 if bought in-person, though lack the convenience of being able to purchase from home.

There are several different ways to purchase tickets, including 6-line, 12-line, 18-line and systematic denominations. Systematic games allow a player to choose 8-11 numbers and buy enough tickets to cover every combination of those numbers chosen. This option is expensive, but it allows for better odds in favour of the player.

Tickets are able to be purchased right up until the cut-off deadline prior to the Tuesday 10:40 GMT draw time. Depending on where the tickets are purchased or if purchased online, you may have different purchasing deadlines.

Step 4: The Draw

The Oz Lotto is drawn once a week on Tuesdays at 10:40 GMT. During the draw, seven numbers will be pulled from a drum of balls ranging from 1-45.

Draws are broadcast live from South Australia each Tuesday. Results are published shortly thereafter. If you are a subscriber to an online ticketing resource like the lotter, you can have results sent to you via email or SMS.  One of seven fantastic lotto prizes could be yours if you’ve chosen the correct numbers, not to mention a potential jackpot of at least AUD$ 2 million.

Step 5: What to do When You’ve Won

There are seven potential prizes any Oz Lotto player can win, with the top prize consisting a minimum of AUD$2 million. Your odds of winning any level of prize if you play only one game are 1:87. Just match at least three winning numbers and 1 or 2 supplementary numbers to those picked on Thursday’s draw for the chance to win a prize. Match all seven to call a jackpot of at least AUD$ 2 million your own.

When you’re ready to claim your prize, you’ll have a few options. These options depend on whether you purchased tickets in-person or online. Tickets bought in-person will allow winnings up to AUD$ 1,000 to be claimed in cash, by phone, or by mail, otherwise a claim form must be filled out and then mailed in or delivered in-person with the original lottery ticket. Tickets purchased online will allow you to receive your money through electronic transfer up to AUD$ 2,500. Larger sums will require a claim to be made in person, just as is done with a retail-purchased ticket.

The Oz Lotto Lottery

Paying out millions every month, the Oz Lotto is one of the most popular in the world. Revenue from all participating OZ Lotto games is pooled to build these substantial prizes. With the right numbers, you could be the next multi-million dollar winner.

Make sure to buy tickets online before this coming Thursday to ensure your chances of claiming an Oz Lotto cash prize.


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