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Buy Oz Lotto Tickets

We’ve put together the easy to follow guide below to help making your ticket purchasing experience as easy as possible. You are able to purchase Oz Lotto tickets from both land-based retailers and online ticketing agents. Read on to learn how to do both easily and safely.

Purchasing Oz Lotto Tickets Online

Online ticket purchasing is perhaps the most convenient way to buy your lottery tickets, but prizes are a bit more expensive when compared to retail purchases. Online tickets sellers, like The Lotter, offer this convenient service for a reasonable price. With this particular online ticketing service, tickets are available for purchase to near 50 lottery games from around the world.

You’ll have the option to purchase tickets for a one-time draw in 6-line, 12-line, 18-line increments, and systematic tickets. Picking your numbers one-by-one or using a randomly generated selection is easy and takes only seconds.

If we continue with The Lotter as an example, all you have to do is visit their website, , and register a free account to begin playing lottery games. Locate the Oz Lotto game in their ‘Play Online’ section and select the tickets you’d like to purchase as well as numbers with which you’d like to play. Multi-draw and subscription selections are also made available. If you subscribe to The Lotter, every 10th ticket is free and multi-draw selections receive discounts up to 25%.

Purchasing OZ Lotto Tickets From Retailers

OZ Lottotickets can be purchased at retail locations throughout South Australia. These tickets are cheaper than those purchased online, but lack the same level of convenience that online ticket purchasing provides.

All you have to do is walk into a licensed ticketing location, select your numbers or have them randomly generated, pay and wait for the upcoming draw. There’s nothing to it!

Now that you can see how easy it is to play, follow these easy steps to get started and put yourself in the running for a multi-million dollar prize. If you aren’t in Australia to buy tickets yourself, make your free account at The Lotter and buy tickets online.


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