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Taxi Driver Celebrates £24.5 Million Lottery Win

Taxi Driver Celebrates £24.5 Million Lottery Win

A taxi driver from Gloucester hit the £24.5 million jackpot in the final National Lottery draw of 2017 despite not matching all of the numbers.

Amo Riselli, a fifty-year-old dad of five, was unveiled as the lucky winner of the draw on December 27th 2017. He matched five numbers and the bonus ball to take home a cheque for £24,501,283.

He said that he had the winning ticket in his glove compartment for two days before he realised that he won and he told a press conference that he intends to retire and buy a Ferrari.

After sharing the news of his win with his family, including his mother, his four brothers and sisters and his five daughters, he phoned Camelot to confirm his win details.

His wife was given the responsibility of keeping the ticket safe and she said she kept in in a glass jar in the cupboard and would regularly check on it.

The family celebrated Christmas and the New Year as usual and Riselli kept driving his taxi before he decided that he would now retired.

He also wants to buy a four-bedroom home with a swimming pool and remain in the Gloucester area. Other possibilities he mentioned were a holiday to Las Vegas and a big party for all of his work colleagues.

Riselli said that he usually buys three lines for the Lotto draws on Wednesday and Saturday and then saves them up to get them all checked at the same time. When he scanned his first ticket the machine made an unusual noise and he was told to contact Camelot.

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