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Texas Man Claims $14M Jackpot Two Days Before Deadline

Texas Man Claims $14M Jackpot Two Days Before Deadline

It is not unusual to see appeals for people to check their lottery tickets and one man in Texas is probably still celebrating after he remembered to check his and claimed a $14.25 million jackpot just two days before the prize expired.

The winner has requested minimum publicity but it is known that the winning ticket was bought for the draw on June 17th. The winner has chosen to take the cash value option and will receive a lump sum payment of $10 million just in time for Christmas.

Winners of the Lotto Texas have 180 days to claim their prize. Any unclaimed prizes go to the state’s education system and more than $1 billion has been left unclaimed since the lottery began in 1992. While this is good for the schools, it is a reminder that it really is worth checking your lottery tickets carefully.


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