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Woman Wins the Lottery Twice in One Day

Woman Wins the Lottery Twice in One Day

A woman from Wake Forest in North Carolina will be celebrating her luck after she won two lottery prizes on the same day.

Kimberly Morris first bough a $4,000,000 Diamond Dazzler ticket and won an impressive $10,000. She then went to the lottery headquarters in Raleigh to claim her prize. While there she said, “I was shocked. It felt really great to win, but I really have always dreamed I would win $1 million!”

On the way home she decided to stop and buy another ticket and from that she won the $1 million. She decided to take her winnings as a cash lump sum that was worth $417,012 after taxes. The scratch off game, which was launched in September, offers a top prize of $4 million. Morris was the first to claim $1 million and there are three $4 million prizes and five $1 million prizes remaining to be claimed.

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