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Lucky Lottery Rituals To Bring in Bigger Wins

Lucky Lottery Rituals To Bring in Bigger Wins

Many punters have special rituals to bring them luck and a new study has examined lottery players’ good luck habits.

The study found that many people will rub a lucky item when they buy a lottery tick or tap or clap a number of times in a specific order. The paper looked into people who had lucky rituals and then won in order to find out what the luckiest ritual was. The clear winner was a lucky dance that had an average win of just over £25.5K while tapping, clapping or clicking resulted in an average win of £17K. Using a lucky number was the least successful method with an average win of £518.

Of course, all of these practices are superstitious and at the end of the day, luck is just luck. However, there is no harm in trying and you never know what the results could be.

OCA News Editor