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£9.8M National Lottery Results for Saturday August 5

£9.8M National Lottery Results for Saturday August 5

The winning numbers from the National Lottery UK draw on Saturday August 5th were 14, 24, 30, 45, 49, 56 and the bonus ball was 27.

There was a jackpot of £9.8 million available and it will have been won by anyone that managed to match the six main numbers. Any player that matched at least two numbers will have won a free Lotto Lucky dip and those that matched at least three numbers will have won cash prizes. There were also 20 winners of the raffle tier 1 and one winner of the raffle tier 2.

Last Wednesday’s draw produced a total of 699,645 winning players that shared prizes worth a total of £4,602,326. One player matched five numbers and the bonus ball to win £44,588. There were 24 players that matched five main numbers to win £1,955 each and 2,307 players that matched four of the main numbers to win £131 each.

OCA News Editor