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National Lottery May Cut Ticket Prices

National Lottery May Cut Ticket Prices

There are reports emerging that the cost of National Lottery tickets could be reduced and the unpopular extra balls removed following a drop in ticket sales.

Changes were made to the lottery in the hope of attracting more players but instead there has been an 8.8% drop in ticket sales to £6.92 billion. It is thought that Lotto bosses are looking into how to reverse this and are ruling nothing out. The new lottery format also has a raffle draw that always produces winners but jackpot wins for the main draw are far rarer.

Camelot has said that an update will be given with their half-year sales figures later this year. Jo Taylor, the chairperson of Camelot, has said that they need to work to re-engage players. The company is currently undertaking a review but so far is refusing to officially speculate on any potential outcomes.

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