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Sisters Celebrate Lottery Win after Ripping Scratch Card

Sisters Celebrate Lottery Win after Ripping Scratch Card

Two sisters from the West Midlands are celebrating winning £300,000 despite their lottery scratch card being ripped in half while they celebrated.

Lucy Dixon said that the card was folded in her pocket and that it was torn when she jumped in the air with her sister Annie during celebrations. The National Lottery said that they carried out a range of checks but were glad to be able to pay out the sum in the end while the sisters said that they had been “lucky but unlucky”.

The pair bought the scratch cards at the beginning of April and after realising that they won, Lucy said she spent the night with the scratch card under her pillow to keep it safe. They don’t have any specific plans for the money yet besides going on holiday and making sure that their parents have an extra special celebration for their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

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