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Must Win £25M Lottery Jackpot Means Far Better Odds

Must Win £25M Lottery Jackpot Means Far Better Odds

The National Lottery is expecting to sell a huge number of tickets this week as the must win £25 million jackpot goes up for grabs on Wednesday evening.

There has been no winner for ten consecutive draws which means that the total prize must be won. As a result, if no one predicts all six numbers those who match five numbers with the bonus ball will win the jackpot. The must win rule is triggered when the prize fund reaches £22 million. Furthermore, because of the rule the odds of winning are massively reduced from 1 in 45 million to 1 in 7.5 million.

Camelot, the lottery operator, has faced criticism since introducing ten extra balls to the draw. Because of the increase in numbers the odds of winning the jackpot are now extremely long, there is a better chance of being struck twice by lightning in your lifetime. As a result, players should take the opportunity this week when the odds are in their favour.

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