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Canadian Couple Celebrate Third Lottery Win

Canadian Couple Celebrate Third Lottery Win

A Canadian couple are celebrating after having won the lottery for the third time with a $8.1 million jackpot.

Douglas and Barbara Fink have won prizes twice before but never hit the jackpot until now. In 1989 Mr Find shared a $128,000 win with four friends and in 2010 the couple won a $100,000 prize. When Mrs Fink realised that they had won a third time she phoned her husband and said, “I did it again!” but it was only later that evening that she found out how big the prize was.

They are planning on using the money to ensure that their children and grandchildren are looked after but they also want to use the money to travel and buy a new home. “Barbara wants a new house, so she’ll get one,” Mr Fink said.

OCA News Editor