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£15.2M National Lottery Results for Saturday March 11

£15.2M National Lottery Results for Saturday March 11

The winning numbers from the National Lottery UK draw on Saturday March 11th were 6, 15, 23, 29, 55, 57 and the bonus ball was 46.

Saturday’s draw produced a total of 1,276,714 winning players that shared prizes worth a total of £7,351,887. One player matched five main numbers and the bonus ball to win £84,199. There were 57 players that matched five of the main numbers to win £1,554 each and 4,638 players matched four of the main numbers to win £123 each. There were 115,854 players that matched three numbers to win £25 each. Additionally 1,156,143 players matched two numbers to win a free lotto lucky dip. There was one winner of the raffle tier 1 that won £1 million and 20 winners of raffle tier 2 that won £20,000 each.

This Wednesday players of the National Lottery have the chance to win a jackpot of £16.4 million. There will also be one winner of the Lotto Raffle that will win £1 million. Each entry to the draw costs £2 and tickets are available across the UK and online.

OCA News Editor