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£14.6M National Lottery Results for Saturday July 2

£14.6M National Lottery Results for Saturday July 2

The winning numbers from the National Lottery UK draw on Saturday July 2nd were 3, 9, 16, 19, 24, 43 and the bonus ball was 13.

Saturday’s draw produced a total of 1,903,542 winning players that shared prizes worth a total of £25,785,628. One player hit the jackpot to win £14,671,343. There were 7 players that matched five main numbers and the bonus ball to win £12,963. A further 225 players matched five of the main numbers to win £424 each and 12,861 players matched four of the main numbers to win £47 each. There were 223,601 players that matched three numbers to win £25 each. Additionally 1,666,826 players matched two numbers to win a free lotto lucky dip. There was one winner of the raffle tier 1 that won £1 million and 20 winners of raffle tier 2 that won £20,000 each.

This Wednesday players of the National Lottery have the chance to win a jackpot of £2.1 million. There will also be one winner of the Lotto Raffle that will win £1 million. Each entry to the draw costs £2 and tickets are available across the UK and online.

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