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Pub Worker Wins £4 Million Lottery Prize and Goes Back to Work

Pub Worker Wins £4 Million Lottery Prize and Goes Back to Work

Halfway through a 12 hours shift at a Wetherspoons pub Amadou Gillen went to the shops and bought himself two lottery scratch cards, a few minutes later he found himself £4 million richer.

Amadou has worked as kitchen manager for the pub in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, for the last five years. He bought the scratch cards in the local newsagent, scratched them off and then went back to work.

He said that after scratching the card he was “so excited” but he put the card in his pocket and went back to finish the rest of his shift. He described the rest of the day as a very “long shift” and he worked four a further four hours knowing that he had won the money.

Amadou has now received his winnings and has splashed out on some new clothes and booked a trip to visit his family in Gambia. He is also planning on moving from his one bedroom rented flat into a four bedroom house in the near future. Furthermore, he is planning on buying his first car which he says will probably be a Peugeot.

He has described the win a “life changing” and said he can now do everything he has always wanted to do: learn to drive and buy a car, own a house, go on holiday and pay for his daughter’s university education.

His daughter Takysha was the first to hear of his big win and she said that she wanted to “scream and shout” with happiness but couldn’t because there were other people around.
Amadou is certain about one thing; he will no longer be working in Wetherspoons.

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