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National Lottery Sales Up to Record £7.6 Billion

National Lottery Sales Up to Record £7.6 Billion

Despite controversy over the changes made to the National Lottery, last year sales hit a record £7.6 billion.

Sales increased by £317 million or 4% in the year to the end of March. A record £4.2 billion was paid out to customers while good causes such as charities, art projects and Olympic athletes receive £1.9 billion in funding. Camelot’s change to the lottery, which now guarantees that someone wins £1 million each week appears to have increased interest in the game.

The last six months have seen more than 100 players become millionaires, more than double the number in the first half of the year. Sales at newsagents and other retails rose £73 million last year and it is these sales, which include Lotto, Euromillions and scratch cards which make up about 80% of Camelot’s revenues.

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