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American Man Arrested for Fixing Lottery Draws

American Man Arrested for Fixing Lottery Draws

Last week a former Texas justice of the peace was arrested when police uncovered a conspiracy whereby six lottery jackpots across five states were rigged in an attempt to steal $19 million.

Evidence has shown that Tommy Tipton manipulated drawings by using an algorithm to generate numbers rather than a random draw. According to authorities he worked with his elder brother, Eddie, the former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association who last year was convicted of fixing a $16.5 million Hot Lotto jackpot.

Police became suspicious after the same person began winning fairly large jackpots in more than one state. They then found unauthorised code on the computer in Wisconsin which was activated during drawings that fell on certain dates and times. The code made the computer abandon the random draw process and instead use an algorithm which resulted in fixed results.

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