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French Lottery ‘Winner’ Fails to Notice the Wrong Numbers

French Lottery ‘Winner’ Fails to Notice the Wrong Numbers

A French woman went on a huge spending spree after she thought that she’d hit the jackpot in the Euro Millions lottery only to discover that she had got the wrong number.

The woman spent thousands of euros on perfumes, jewellery, clothes and other ornaments to celebrate winning the jackpot. However, after a few weeks her family were starting to worry when they hadn’t heard anything from the lottery organisation. Her husband found the ticket and checked the numbers and noticed his wife’s mistake.

Instead of returning the goods the woman made up a story that her handbag had been stolen. She even burned the bag to get rid of evidence but was caught on several shop security cameras writing out cheques and was charged. She has now been given a four month suspended sentence for fraud and ordered to work and repay the debts.

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