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Man Wins $291 Million Lottery Jackpot While His Brother Wins Just $7

Man Wins $291 Million Lottery Jackpot While His Brother Wins Just $7

Earlier this week a pair of brothers from Pennsylvania beat the odds when they both won the lottery on the same day but from separate tickets. However, only one of them is celebrating.

James Stocklas won a massive $291.4 million from the Powerball lottery; however, his brother Bob won just $7 in the same draw. Nonetheless, when the two posed with their cheques both looked to be thrilled with the situation. James opted to take the lump sum payment and received $191 million.

The jackpot winner is a senior district judge who discovered that he had won the lottery while on holiday. It has been reported that hours before learning of his win he was admiring a yacht and commented that he would need to win the lottery in order to own one. He even used his phone to take a photo of the boat.

The two brothers were taking a fishing holiday together in the Florida Keys and they decided to purchase lottery tickets one day while on the way home from the beach. James returned to work and happened to check the lottery numbers on his phone while eating breakfast in a restaurant where he eats every day. When he realised that he had won he bought breakfast for everyone in the restaurant and phoned his family to say, “We are going back to Florida!”

He said that he has no plans to retire after his win and will be sharing the jackpot with his family, news that is sure to be a huge relief to his less fortunate brother.

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