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Potential Lottery Jackpot Winner Identified

Potential Lottery Jackpot Winner Identified

A potential winner of the £33 million National Lottery jackpot has been identified. A woman came forward last week claiming that she had put the winning ticket through the wash and it is now known that this was Susanne Hinte, 48, from Warndon, Worcester.

Hinte lives just a mile away from Ambleside News where the winning ticket was sold. The National Lottery are currently examining Miss Hinte’s claim that she bought the winning ticket but accidentally put it in the wash in the pocket of her jeans. Apparently the numbers on the ticket are visible but the barcode and date had been rubbed off.

However, even if Camelot does verify her claim then she will still have to wait until July to receive her prize when the 180 day deadline to make a claim passes.

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