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£33 Million National Lottery Winner Yet to Come Forward

£33 Million National Lottery Winner Yet to Come Forward

It has been a month of record lottery jackpots, from the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot last week to the £66 million National Lottery jackpot earlier on in January.

However, the joint winner of Britain’s largest ever Lotto jackpot has still not come forward to claim their £33 million prize. It has been a couple of weeks since the draw and according to Camelot the winner has still not been found.

David and Carol Martin, a couple from Hawick, have already come forward as the holders of one winning ticket and have been celebrating their win and receiving a huge amount of media attention.
Camelot believes that the other winner is unaware of their huge prize and is urging all players to check their numbers once again. Prize winners have 180 days after the draw date to claim their winnings which means that the £33 million prize can be claimed up until Thursday, July 7th.

If the prize remains unclaimed the money will go to National Lottery projects. However, there is still plenty of time and over the coming weeks Camelot is likely to release information on where the ticket was bought in an attempt to help and track down the rightful winner.

In the past there have been some huge unclaimed prizes. The largest in history was a £64 million win from the EuroMillions and after the 180 day deadline passed the money went to the National Lottery Good Causes fund. Considering the hype surrounding these extra-large draws it is very unusual for the prizes to go unclaimed but clearly it is not unheard of.

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