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£46.5M Record Breaking Lottery Jackpot Available on Saturday

£46.5M Record Breaking Lottery Jackpot Available on Saturday

This Saturday night somebody’s life could change forever if they win the record breaking £46.5 million National Lottery jackpot.

If one person hits the jackpot then they will become the biggest Lotto winner that the UK has ever seen. Until now the largest ever Lotto prize was £42,008,610 which was shared between three winners in 1996.

According to Camelot 2015 saw more millionaires made by the National Lottery than ever before. Over 340 people have been handed cheques worth at least £1 million smashing the previous record of 335 from 2013. Furthermore, on October 10th more millionaires were made in one night than ever before with 25 people winning.

However, angry lottery players have been criticising Camelot since it made changes to the game and claim that it is now almost impossible to win the jackpot and that is why it has rolled over so many times to create such a large prize pool.

Since the changes to the game the odds of winning the jackpot have lengthened to 1 in 45 million and this change came after the price of playing doubled to £2.

Under the new rules the jackpot can grow to £50 million. If there is no winner in the following draw then the pot is shared between players that matched five main numbers and the bonus ball. The last time that the jackpot was won was on November 14th.

As a result, if there is no winner this Saturday night it is highly likely that the prize pool will hit its £50 million cap and there will be many winners on Wednesday.

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