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Camelot Lottery Changes Could Make the Game More Fun

Camelot Lottery Changes Could Make the Game More Fun

It has been well advertised that Camelot is changing the way in which the National Lottery works this October. They are adding more balls and claim that the prizes will be bigger than ever before.

Camelot has also changed the way in which the game will work. Firstly, they have introduced a new prize for those that match two numbers, another lottery ticket. Secondly, the jackpot is likely to be won far less often. However, this means that when it is won the prizes are likely to be far bigger.

Furthermore, the Lotto Raffle is changing and there will now be a winner of £1 million with each draw. This means that there will be more millionaires made than ever before. As a result, while it may be becoming statistically harder to win the jackpot, players are likely to have more fun playing the lottery.

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