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Holiday Couple Return Home to Discover £5.8 Million Jackpot Win

Holiday Couple Return Home to Discover £5.8 Million Jackpot Win

A retired couple from Tamworth were enjoying a beach holiday in Egypt when they were contacted by Camelot informing them that they had won almost £6 million from the National Lottery.

However, Dawn and Malcolm Bosworth were unaware of the news for almost two weeks until they returned home and were able to check their email. While they admit to being “on cloud nine”, the couple claim that they will not be going mad and will continue to shop in Primark as usual and remain in their house where they have lived since 1979.

They won a total of £5,872,705 so they should have no problem affording a few luxuries and while they insist that not much will change in their lives, they have expressed the desire to buy a swimming pool and a Maserati.

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