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New York Plumber Finds $136M Powerball Ticket in Basement

New York Plumber Finds $136M Powerball Ticket in Basement

A plumber from New York discovered that he had won a $136 million Powerball jackpot after almost forgetting the winning ticket in his basement.

Anthony Perosi bought the ticket on Staten Island on March 14th. He then left the ticket pinned to a pipe in his basement for almost six weeks. He regularly pins up recent tickets there and didn’t bother to check the numbers after a friend informed him someone else had won. However, when his truck broke down he went to inspect the tickets to see if any of them could help him buy new parts.

Perosi has described his shock after discovering the ticket before eventually phoning his son. He has now said he will be sharing the winnings with his son, after taxes the father will receive $38.6 million and the son $15.5 million.

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