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Michigan Lottery Winners Call for the Right to Anonymity

Michigan Lottery Winners Call for the Right to Anonymity

A new bill has been put forward in the Michigan House which would give lottery winners the right to remain anonymous. However, the bill is encountering some strong opposition.

A prime example of lottery winners that would have preferred not to have their names published are Joseph Palmarchuk and his wife Phillis who were suffering from hard times prior to their lottery win. However, rather than life becoming easier, after their names were published they were, and still are, hounded to such an extent that they became scared of answering the phone.

However, North American Lottery Association President Terry Rich is against the proposed legislation. He claims that after a lottery winners name is published the entire surrounding area benefits from the added interest. Furthermore, a spokesman for Michigan state lottery said that the winners receive a substantial amount of public money and the public have a right to know who they are.

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