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New Jersey Lottery Suffering from ‘Jackpot Fatigue’

New Jersey Lottery Suffering from ‘Jackpot Fatigue’

It has been reported that the New Jersey Lottery is suffering from “jackpot fatigue”. This means that it is taking increasingly larger jackpots to attract casual players, while players were once impressed by a $100 million prize they are now less likely to play until it reaches $300 million. However, the fewer people that play, the longer it takes for the jackpot to grow.

Figures show that the sale of Mega Millions and Powerball tickets dropped 30% through the end of March. If this continues then the sales for this year will have dropped by around $130 million. However, there are reasons for optimism, sales of games such as scratch cards are up by 10% while the CASH4LIFE game which was launched by New Jersey and New York has expanded to Pennsylvania and Virginia.

It is also thought that the huge jackpots will return either as the result of chance or through a rules change which generates even bigger prizes. When this happens it is more than likely that lottery sales will pick up once again.

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