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Unclaimed £1M Lottery Winnings Donated to Good Causes

Unclaimed £1M Lottery Winnings Donated to Good Causes

The owner of a lottery ticket that was bought in East Ayrshire, Scotland, has failed to come forward and claim their £1 million prize. According to Camelot, the National Lottery operator, the ticket won the raffle prize drawn on 22nd November last year.

The 180 day deadline for claiming the prize passed at midnight last week on Thursday. As a result the £1 million prize, plus interest, has been donated to lottery funded projects across the UK. A spokesman for the National Lottery said that the ticket owner has “sadly missed out on this substantial amount of money”.

The spokesman went on to say that they made every effort to locate the owner of the ticket and it is a great shame that they have missed out. Nonetheless, the spokesman ended on a positive note saying “there is still one winner – the nation.”

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