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Alabama Senate President Advocates State Lottery and Gambling

Alabama Senate President Advocates State Lottery and Gambling

Last week Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston, said that as long as he can get the votes he is intending to bring his proposal for for lottery and casino gambling to the Alabama Senate floor.

He plans to spend part of the next few days seeing if he can get enough votes. In an interview last week he said that he intends to make some calls over the weekend and assess the opinion of his colleagues. If it seems like his is close to getting enough votes then he intends to ask the Rules Chairman to put it on the calendar.

Earlier this month the Senate leader filed legislation to establish a lottery and bring slot machines and table gaming to up to four sites in the state. Marsh believes that gambling would be a good method to address a $204 to $234 million budget shortfall without the need to raise taxes.

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