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Alternative Ideas for Picking Lottery Numbers

Alternative Ideas for Picking Lottery Numbers

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing the lottery and each will have their own way of choosing their numbers. However, for those that are stuck here are a few novel ways of picking your lucky numbers.

One particularly amusing method is called The Tumble Dryer. It is suggested that people buy 49 tennis balls and number them 1 to 49. Place them in the tumble dryer and set it spinning, after a minute or two stop the machine and pick a ball. Repeat this until you have all the numbers you need.

Often we want to win the lottery to help us pay the bills, so why not use the bills to pick the numbers. Collect the appropriate number of bills and take the final two numbers of the amount owed. Divide it by two and round it up and the result will be your lottery numbers.

Finally, as some football fans have done, you can look at your team’s last few matches and simply use the minutes that they have scored as your numbers.

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