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Win the Powerball and Stay Rich With These Strategies

While many have tried to crack the code of the Powerball lottery, few have been successful. However, there have been some strategies that are regarded as beneficial to anyone playing the Powerball or other lotto game.

The Master

Richard Lustig might be a familiar name for those who have played the Powerball for an extended period of time. He’s the lottery and numbers games guru who has made a living and literally written the book on how to win the lottery. He’s won seven lottery grand prizes and makes daily runs to his Florida neighbourhood liquor store to cash winning tickets, most of which he uses to buy more lotto tickets and scratch cards.

He’s outlined a few basic strategies for players to use in the Powerball and really any other lottery game that result in a distinct advantage.


Some of Lustig’s biggest tips for players include never setting up your tickets using the Quick Pick option. While many lottery organizations attest that randomly generated tickets comprise 80% of the wins in lotto games, Lustig assures players that the only way to win a jackpot is to choose your own numbers. This is true of players who keep playing one set or a set of 10. Not only that, but once you’ve got your numbers locked in, sticking with them is the only way to play.


Lustig also refutes what many mathematician’s say, in that luck has more to do with winning than anything. Lustig is a staunch supporter of the idea that luck is not a factor. It is more about statistics and stacking the odds in your favour.

Results: Hot and Cold Numbers

In addition to Lustig’s guidelines, there are plenty of other widely known tips to help your chances of striking it rich in the lottery game of your choice. It’s a good idea to check with the results archive of the Powerball, or any other lotto game’s, official website. Here you can identify the most commonly drawn numbers in the game, also known as Hot Numbers. Cold numbers should be avoided as those are the least often picked at the time of the Powerball draw.

Pooling Resources

Lottery Games can be expensive if you want to better your odds of winnings by buying more tickets. It is without a doubt more beneficial to buy higher volumes of tickets when playing a lottery, because the more tickets you buy the better your chances of winning. However, this can be too much for players on a budget. Lottery pools, or syndicates, allow you to do just that for a much smaller out-of-pocket- cost. While the drawback of a syndicate may mean you have to share your winnings if the numbers match those at the time of a draw, you’ll still have a better chance of walking away from the game with a bit of extra cash in hand.

Second Chance Games

While the Powerball doesn’t offer such an option, there are lottery games that offer a second chance to win. For example, these games can come with a raffle number assigned to each purchased ticket. This ticket is an automatic entry into any such second-chance raffle and can be worth a pretty penny if the ticket is a winner.

Put Your Name On It

If for whatever reason your ticket is a winner and becomes lost or stolen, simply putting your signature on the ticket can ensure you at least have proof the ticket passed through your fingers. If you are the victim of a theft or lost ticket and it is then recovered by someone else, this can better your chances of redeeming the prize associated with your winning numbers.

Spend Smart

When you’ve become a winner in the Powerball, or any other lotto game for that matter, the best thing you can do is manage your new found fortune intelligently. A large percentage of people who win the lottery end up depleting their cash reserves within a decade. This is due largely to irresponsible spending, giving gifts to friends and relatives and many for other easily avoidable reasons.

If your win is substantial, get an accountant or financial advisor to help you figure out how to best invest the money. Don’t start making large purchases or giving out gifts until you have taken this step.

If you loved the rush of playing and the feeling of a big win, you can play the lottery more, Lustig himself has won more than half a dozen times. Always work within your budget and spend only as you can afford on tickets to the lotto games you want to play.

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February 2015

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