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National Lottery and EuroMillions Jackpot Winners: The Worthy and The Wasteful

Ever wonder what happens after a lucky player secures their big win? There are plenty of shining examples in the winners’ category as well as those who makes hang our heads in shame.

Take for instance Brian Caswell, who won a EuroMillions Jackpot of nearly £25m. The retired engineer used his winnings to buy homes for his two daughters and paying off mortgages for other family members, indulging in a few holidays and ultimately investing in his community with philanthropic endeavours.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Mickey Carroll, who scooped up £9.7m in 2002. The National Lottery bad boy reportedly spent his winnings on lavish holidays, including more than 100 trips to Spain, luxury cars and jewellery, with more than £1m spent on items Mr. Carroll “can’t remember.”

Thea Bristow took home a £15m jackpot while working in a factory producing souvenir bags and key rings. Faced with redundancy in a year and a partner on disability, the win was a godsend. Her winnings went towards supporting local scout and football organizations. She’s happiest that she is able to secure her three children’s futures. The ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and the local community.

Iorworth Hoare is one of the Lottery’s more unsavoury characters. A Layhill open prison inmate convicted of rape, Hoare bought a ticket while on day release and managed to win a 3-part stake in a £21m jackpot. He was released in 2005, but hasn’t had much comfort following all the exposure from his win as communities refuse to allow him to settle in.

Gareth Bull may be one of the biggest winners to date with a £40m ticket he purchased on a whim when inclement weather kept him from working at a building site. After building his dream home and setting aside fund for his children, Bull and his wife Catherine have been havily involved in their charity and volunteer work.


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