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EuroMillions Jackpot Draw Triple Rollover to €39m This Tuesday

The EuroMillions lotto jackpot is still waiting to be won by one or more lucky players from participating European Union countries.


Because the jackpot has not been won in three draws, the prize has grown to €39m. If it will again go unclaimed, the jackpot will grow even further to over €40m and players will have another chance to win when the prize is drawn again on Friday later this week.

Beyond the EuroMillions jackpot draw, there is the Millionaire Maker Raffle that offers players the opportunity to claim substantial rewards just for participating. All purchased tickets are automatically entered into the raffle, so there is nothing more to do aside from purchasing a ticket to enter both these lucrative games. Tickets cost only €2 and offer two chances to win a prize worth millions.

Recent Draw Results

December 12, 2014: 2, 15 , 28 , 31 , 37, and 4 and 6

December 9, 2014:1, 3 , 31 , 42 , 46, and 4 and 11

December 5, 2014:5, 8 , 37 , 47 , 48, and 2and 3


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