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How to Improve Your Chance of Winning The Mega Millions Lottery


One of the biggest lotteries in the world, Mega Millions attracts players from all over the globe and every one of them thinks they’ve got the perfect set of numbers to be the next big winner. We’ve got a few tips to help you put the odds in your favour and with any luck, put you together with that Mega Millions jackpot you’ve been looking to secure.

Avoid Patterns In Your Picks

Some players may think it clever to select numbers based on a pattern, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Odds are astronomical to win the jackpot outright, but they are stacked even further out of players’ favour when anyone tries to implement a set of numbers in a specific pattern. This is because random numbers seldom result in patterns. Making a selection of consecutive numbers or those with a common digit will no doubt leave you in the dumps, so keep away from these types of picks when buying tickets.

The Most Picked Numbers Work Wonders

The odds of how often a number is drawn can work out in a player’s favour if they pick those numbers that tend to be drawn more often. Take for instance the Mega Millions’ to three most frequently drawn numbers: 29, 35, and 25. These three digits are drawn 13.27%, 13.27%, and 11.5% of the time and have been drawn 15, 15, and 13 times respectively. Choose them over, say, 4, which has been drawn 1.76% of the time and 2 times overall, to play the odds in an intelligent way and better your chances of putting together a winning ticket.

Winning Combination Qualifying Odds Prize
5 white numbers + 1 gold number 1:258,890,850 Jackpot
5 white numbers 1:18,492,204 $1,000,000
Four white numbers + 1 gold number 1:739,688 $5,000
Four white numbers 1:52,835 $500
Three white numbers + 1 gold number 1:10,720 $50
Three white numbers 1:766 $5
Two white numbers + 1 gold number 1:473 $5
One white numbers + 1 gold number 1:56 $2
zero white numbers + 1 gold number 1:21 $1
Over all odds to win in the Mega Millions Lottery are 1:14.7


Seldom Drawn Numbers Should Be Avoided

There is a reason that certain numbers fall into the least often picked category. Don’t bank on the idea that picking all the least often picked numbers will eventually be being drawn en mass as a result of the universe compensating for the discrepancy, because random number games don’t operate on such principles. Seldom drawn numbers are seldom drawn and numbers drawn often are drawn often, it’s as simple as that.

Past Winners Won’t Produce Another

The concept that a selection of winning numbers from the past could resurface to create another lotto winner are slim to nil, perhaps leaning more in favour of nil. That being said, don’t put your chances in the hands of a set of numbers that is all but guaranteed to result in a losing ticket. Play the odds with smart picks or generate your ticket’s number randomly for better chances to win.

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