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Better Your Chances To Win The EuroMillions Lottery With These Strategies

Everyone has their own special system when it comes to playing the Euro Millions Lottery, but we’ve got some tried and true methods that will increase your odds of picking a winning ticket in this multi-million lotto game.

Avoid Consecutive numbers

Now it might be silly to have to say, but picking the numbers 1-2-3-4-5… etc. on your ticket is probably a bad idea. The odds of all numbers picked at the time of draw being consecutive are even slimmer than you might imagine. This goes for all consecutive odd or even numbers as well, ie. 2-4-6-8… and 33-35-37…, so make a good decision and keep clear of these types of picks when purchasing your tickets.

Include The Most Picked Numbers

Include some of the most picked numbers into your ticket selection. Take for instance the number 50, it has been picked over 95 times in EuroMillions draws, while the number 2 has only been picked 61 times. Other numbers that have been drawn 90 or more times include 4 and 38, which have been picked 92 and 90 times respectively. Now it won’t be true that they’re guaranteed to be picked on the next draw or even the one after, but when you are playing the odds every little bit helps.

Winning Combination Qualifying Odds Average Reward
5 numbers + 2 Lucky Stars 1:116,531,800 €51,416,559.96
5 numbers + 1 Lucky Star 1:6,473,989 €419,791.52
5 numbers 1:3,236,995 €71,539.97
Four numbers + 2 Lucky Stars 1:517,920 €4,734.01
Four numbers  + 1 Lucky Star 1:28,774 €212.02
Four numbers 1:14,487 €105.00
Three numbers  + 2 Lucky Stars 1:11,771 €63.93
Two Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars 1:882 €20.77
Three numbers  + 1 Lucky Star 1:654 €15.07
Three numbers 1:327 €12.24
One number + 2 Lucky Stars 1:157 €10.79
Two numbers + 1 Lucky Star 1:46 €8.07
Two numbers 1:23 €4.08
Over all odds to win in the EuroMillions Lottery are 1:13


Don’t Get Suckered By The Least Often Picked

EuroMillions has numbers in the draw that hardly ever are picked when compared to their most often picked digits. Among the least often picked numbers are 46, 32, and 2, which have been drawn 57, 58, and 61 times respectively. You might think that the lottery is due to draw these few, but that’s not how playing the odds works and it’ll work against you in the end.

Steer Clear Of Past Winners

Another piece of advice is to avoid previously wining combinations. For instance, the Nov. 7 draw saw two winners with the numbers 13, 25, 32, 38, 46 and lucky stars 1 and 10. These numbers will not come up in such an order for a long, long time. It’s simply how playing the odds works. So, for the sake of your chances to win, don’t pick a ticket using number of a previously winning draw.

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