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Health Lottery Offers Top Prize of £100,000 on Saturday

Health Lottery Offers Top Prize of £100,000 on Saturday

This Saturday night players of the UK’ Health Lottery once again have the chance to win the top prize of £100,000.

Wednesday’s winning numbers were 11, 21, 22, 38, 49 and the bonus ball was 2. The draw saw over 4,000 players win prizes of £ 10,000, £250, £20 or £10.

The Health Lottery costs just £1 to enter and players can buy up to 40 lines of numbers for each draw. Players will win a prize of £10 for matching any two of the numbers and the Bonus Ball. A prize of £20 is awarded for matching 3 of the main numbers, matching 3 of the main numbers and the Bonus Ball awards a prize of £50. Matching 4 of the main numbers wins £250 while 4 main numbers with the bonus ball wins £10,000. The top prize is won by matching all 5 main numbers.

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