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Saturday Lotto Jackpot Worth $4 Million on Saturday

Saturday Lotto Jackpot Worth $4 Million on Saturday

This Saturday night players of Australia’s Saturday Lotto have the chance to win a jackpot of $4 million.

Last Saturday’s winning numbers were 3, 11, 21, 44, 42, 13 and the supplementary numbers were 26 and 32. Five lucky players matched the six main numbers and won $829,361.68 each. A further 61 players matched five of the main numbers together with one of the supplementary numbers and they won $9,226.65 each. Overall there were 469,640 winning players that shared prizes worth a total of $14,811,185.85.

Prizes are won by matching at least 1 main number with both supplementary numbers, 3 main numbers with 1 supplementary number or at least 4 main numbers without either supplementary number. Each entry for the Saturday Lotto costs $1.45 and tickets can be bought online or at vendors across Australia.

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