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EuroMillions Lottery Set to Pay Out €21 Million on Tuesday

EuroMillions Lottery Set to Pay Out €21 Million on Tuesday

On Friday night there were no EuroMillion players that matched all seven numbers to win the jackpot which means that this Tuesday’s draw has a €21 million jackpot.

EuroMillions Lottery Set to Pay Out €21 Million on Tuesday

There were no jackpot winners from Friday’s draw and now the EuroMillions lottery jackpot has grown to an impressive €21 million.

However, there were five players that matched five numbers and one star number to claim €268,532 each while a further 12 players matched five numbers to claim €37,296.20 each. It is possible to win a prize by matching just two numbers and on Friday 1,194,575 players did this and won €4.20 each. In total there were close to 2 million winners that shared over €6 million in prize money.

Last week’s midweek draw saw an Austrian ticket holder match all seven numbers and win the jackpot of €54.3 million.

The ticket holder is the twelfth Austrian to hit the jackpot but the first since September 2011.

While the EuroMillions lottery is primarily designed for players in Europe, it is open to players from across the world. Tickets can be purchased through the lottery’s website and cost €5 for each line of numbers. Furthermore, players that choose to play the EuroMillions UK will be automatically entered into the EuroMillionaire Raffle which guarantees at least one new millionaire each week.

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