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Oz Lotto Ready To Pay Out $15 Million on Tuesday

Oz Lotto Ready To Pay Out $15 Million on Tuesday

The last draw of the Oz Lotto once again failed to produce any jackpot winners. This means that on Tuesday there is a $15 million jackpot up for grabs.

Oz Lotto Ready To Pay Out $15 Million on Tuesday

The Oz Lotto jackpot fund has grown to an impressive $15 million after there were no jackpot winners at the last draw.

The last draw did see two players win $70,431.95 each after matching 6 main numbers and 1 supplementary number. There were also 71 players that matched just the 6 main numbers and they received $4,084.70 each. In total $4,967,354.00 was handed out in prize money.

There are nine balls drawn in the Oz Lotto, seven of them are main numbers and 2 of them are supplementary numbers.

When buying tickets players need to choose 9 numbers between 1 and 45, any of which can be used as supplementary numbers.

Any player that matches at least four main numbers will win a prize. Alternatively matching at least 3 main numbers and 1 supplementary number will win a prize.

Tickets for the Oz Lotto can be bought from the lottery’s website. Each line of numbers costs $2.20 and must be purchased at least an hour and a half before each draw. It is possible to buy up to 100 lines of numbers for each draw.

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