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Mega Millions Ready to Pay $180 Million on Friday

Mega Millions Ready to Pay $180 Million on Friday

The midweek Mega Millions lottery draw failed to produce a jackpot winner which means that the jackpot for Friday’s draw is worth a massive $180 million.

Mega Millions Ready to Pay $180 Million on Friday

It’s another Mega Millions rollover and now the jackpot is worth an impressive $180 million.

On Tuesday there were two players that matched five numbers and they will collect $1 million each. Five Megaplier players matched four numbers and the bonus ball to win $20,000 each while 37 players matched the same amount of numbers but without the Megaplier option and will collect $5,000 each.

The draw produced well over 2 million winners with roughly 1.5 million of them collecting a $1 prize for matching just the bonus ball. Without matching the bonus ball players need to match 3 regular numbers in order to receive a payout.

To win the jackpot players much match all five regular numbers and the bonus ball. Players that win the jackpot can either take the prize as a cash lump sum or take one immediate payment and receive the rest in 29 annual payments. If a player takes the cash option this week they will receive $107 million.

Mega Million tickets can be bought at vendors across the US or online and cost just $1 per line.

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