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LotteryWest Prepares For $1 Million Draw This Monday

LotteryWest Prepares For $1 Million Draw This Monday

Can you think of a better way to start the week than to win $1 million?

LotteryWest Prepares For $1 Million Draw This Monday

This Monday, Lotterywest is planning to give away $1 million, guaranteed up to four winners.

Thanks to the Lotterywest Monday Lotto, which will take place at 6pm this Monday, you just might be the lucky winner of their jackpot.

The even better news is that the Monday Lotto prize is a guaranteed $1 million for up to four winners.

To get in on the Monday Lotto action, you simply need to purchase a ticket and to choose six numbers.

During the draw, 6 numbers are drawn including 2 supplementary numbers. The more numbers you match to the numbers you have selected, the more you will win.

Monday Lotto offers six levels of prizes, where in level 6, if you match 1 or 2 winning numbers as well as both of the supplementary numbers, you will win a prize.

To win the $1 million jackpot, you simply need to match all 6 winning numbers.

To add some excitement, Lotterywest also offers a Monday Lotto Double Win day at random, where all prizes are doubled.

The cost to purchase a ticket and to take part in this Monday’s draw is 55c per game with a minimum requirement of 4 games.

The last Monday Lotto was drawn on the 4th of August and the numbers drawn included 33, 39, 40, 28, 44 and 11. The two supplemtary numbers drawn were 38 and 17.

There were no jackpot winners but one lucky player matched 5 winning numbers and 1 supplemtary number and took home over $15,000.

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