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Lotterywest Is Ready For Another $1 Million Draw This Monday

Lotterywest Is Ready For Another $1 Million Draw This Monday

This Monday will feature another $1 million jackpot sponsored by Lotterywest and you could win the grand prize with the right numbers on your ticket.

Lotterywest Is Ready For Another $1 Million Draw This Monday

Get your tickets before the draw and ensure you have a chance to win the $1 million jackpot on offer.

Last week didn’t see a lucky winner, maybe this week will feature a recipient for the cash prize everyone is looking for on Monday evening. Over 100,000 players did win cash prizes of other denominations while playing, so even if you are not the top prize winner, chances are great you’ll walk away from Monday’s draw a little richer.

Purchase your tickets online or at a licenced retailer any time before the draw to ensure your chances. All you’ll need to do is select six regular numbers as well as two supplemental numbers and if you numbers match those drawn you’ll be calling a cash prize yours.

Ticket prices are very affordable and several plays can be purchased at one time. Prices begin at $2.40 per ticket and range up to $23,236.60, depending on how many games one wishes to play. Pick your numbers yourself or SlikPik them for random generated numbers.

Wednesday draws and Oz lotto fortunes are also up for grabs every week, offering even more opportunities to win life changing cash prizes.

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