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EuroMilions Offers €31 Million Jackpot Draw Tomorrow

Euromilions Offers Double Rollover €31 Million Jackpot Draw Tomorrow

Now is your chance to get tickets to the Friday EuroMillions jackpot lotto draw. This week the prize has rolled over twice and now totals a staggering €31 Million. That’s nearly €10 million more than the last draw jackpot.

Euromilions Offers Double Rollover €31 Million Jackpot Draw Tomorrow

Catch the Friday draw of this week’s EuroMillions jackpot and you could win the €31 Million double rollover.

Held every Tuesday and Friday evening, this lottery game is among the continent’s most beloved. Thanks to the massive pool of funds that comes from participating countries, the EuroMillions routinely boasts the biggest prizes in the lottery scene.

You can play with one ticket for just $6.75 per line. Ticket types come in 3-line and 5-line variations, with a systematic option available as well.

Play one draw at a time or multiple your ticket purchase for discounts. Subscribe to get your 10th ticket free. Even cashback offers are available.

All you’ll need to do to get started is select five main numbers from a field of 1-50 and two tar numbers from a field of 1-11. Match them all to win the top prize or just a few to qualify for other cash prizes.

Million Euro raffles are also available in twice-a-week drawings for added opportunities to win.

Purchase your tickets before the draw to ensure you have a chance to win the grand prize.

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